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Everett Adams  - 7th
Isaac Armstrong  - 6th
Nicky Azzara  - 8th
Jeremy Birkmire  - 8th
Will Brooks  - 7th
Chris Checchio  - 8th
Nick Doyle  - 8th
Joshua Gillis  - 6th
Matthew Gillis  - 8th
Hunter Jackson  - 7th
Christopher Jacobs  - 8th
Jax Johnson  - 8th
Brendan Jones  - 6th
Caleb Jones  - 8th
Matthew Jones  - 6th
Matthew Lennon  - 7th
Mossett Matthews  - 7th
Matthew McDaniel  - 7th
Dylan Mortenson  - 8th
James Paddock  - 7th
Logan Porter  - 8th
Zach Rodriguez  - 8th
Zhane Rodriguez  - 6th
Zack Ross  - 7th
Tony Santos  - 8th
Michael Schiller  - 7th
Evan Simpson  - 8th
Jacob Skates  - 7th
Nathan Vega  - 7th
Jacob Wilkerson  - 7th