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MS Football


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2Trey Calcutt  -  8th
7Matthew Gillis  -  7th
11Evan Simpson  -  7th
15Zach Rodriguez  -  7th
18Nate Vega  -  6th
20Matthew Lennon  -  6th
21Cameron Gibbs  -  8th
24Zack Ross  -  6th
27Matthew McDaniel  -  6th
28Jeremy Birkmire  -  7th
34Pascal Marseille  -  8th
47Emmanuel Hinds  -  8th
51Trey Kirby  -  8th
52Dylan Mortenson  -  7th
53Caesar Berry  -  8th
55Nick Doyle  -  7th
56Michael Schiller  -  6th
68Caden Emerson  -  8th
75Michael Young  -  7th
77James Paddock  -  6th
80Dylan Slattery  -  7th
82Josh Lewis  -  8th
86Hunter Jackson  -  6th
88Rafael Rodrigues  -  8th
91Kyle Whelan  -  8th

MS Head Coach: Brandon Joseph

MS Assistant Coach: Ted Jones

MS Assistant Coach: Scott Simpson