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Varsity Girls Lacrosse

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2013-2014 Archives

Apr. 12, 2014:Lacrosse Season Comes to an End
Apr. 11, 2014:Senior Night Win for Lacrosse
Apr. 8, 2014:Lacrosse Comes Up Short Against Edgewater
Apr. 4, 2014:Lacrosse Defeats Cornerstone
Apr. 2, 2014:Road Loss for Lacrosse
Mar. 29, 2014:Lacrosse Wins at Home
Mar. 28, 2014:Tough Night for Lacrosse
Mar. 15, 2014:Lacrosse Falls to Cypress Creek
Mar. 14, 2014:Lacrosse Falls to Lake Howell
Mar. 10, 2014:Lacrosse Takes Win
Mar. 5, 2014:Strong Defense Not Enough for Lacrosse
Feb. 28, 2014:Lacrosse Loses to Hagerty
Feb. 26, 2014:Lacrosse Falls to Wekiva
Feb. 25, 2014:Lacrosse Comes Up Short Against East Side
Feb. 22, 2014:Lacrosse Logs First Win of the Season
Feb. 21, 2014:Lacrosse Falls to Orangewood
Feb. 19, 2014:Lacrosse Loses Season Opener
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2012-2013 Archives

Mar. 21, 2013:Big Senior Night UPSET - Eagles 17 Colonial 8
Mar. 18, 2013:Cypress Creek Downs Eagles 16-9
Mar. 16, 2013:Varsity Lacrosse Falls Short in 17-15 Loss to Eastside
Mar. 14, 2013:Girls Lacrosse Upends TFA in Ovetime
Mar. 12, 2013:TMA Lacrosse Moves Record to 2-3 with Win at Home
Feb. 28, 2013:Girls Lacrosse Lose versus Trinity Prep
Feb. 26, 2013:Girls Lacrosse Picks loses on the Road
Feb. 20, 2013:Girls Lacrosse Moves Record to 1-1
Feb. 19, 2013:Girls Lacrosse Loses in Home Opener
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2011-2012 Archives

Apr. 4, 2012:TMA Lacrosse beats Cornerstone 19-6
Mar. 6, 2012:Lacrosse Takes Orangewood 19-11
Mar. 2, 2012:Lake Howell Defeats TMA 17-7
Feb. 28, 2012:TMA Lacrosse Wins Against Cornerstone Charter
Feb. 24, 2012:TMA Takes on Trinity Prep in First Game of the Season
Feb. 24, 2012:TMA Hosts First Lacrosse Game in School History!